1THE Washingball Classic

1THE WASHINGBALL PLUS is composed uniquely of natural ceeramic contained in a plastic non-toxic shere. It was created scientifically to clean clothes without using any detergent.

Feels good to do something nice to Earth.

Over 3 million people all over the world are using 1THE washing balls.  You can contribute to make our planet a little cleaner and feel a little catharsis today.

The Winner of the Well Tech Awards 2009 –Sustainability.

The Winner of the Well Tech Awards 2009 –Sustainability.

Is it really possible to do laundry without detergents? Can this small blue ball really clean dirty towels, shirts and jeans?

Far-infrared ceramic and magnet balls split water clusters and excite the water molecules, turning ordinary tap water into activated water that is optimized for removing stains.  The activated water has higher washing power and penetrates in between fabric fibers more easily than tap water.

Washboard Effect

Washboard Effect

Bumps on the plastic sphere act like a washboard; frictional force created between the bumps and clothes helps remove dirt from the clothes.  In addition, the washing is further enhanced by the water pressure created when water spurts between the bumps.



We love 1THE WASHBALL because of its


        • Eco-friendliness
        • Energy effectiveness
        • Gentleness on skin and clothes
        • Cost effectiveness
        • Antibacterial ability

      Enjoy the wonderful benefits of using 1THE WASHBALL while doing something good for the earth.