1THE Washingball Plus


Gentle yet powerful, 1THE WASHINGBALL PLUS is the concentration of cutting edge science.  The ceramic balls in it directly interact with water molecules and create the optimal conditions for laundry.


environment-friendly Environment-friendly 


Environmental pollution caused by detergents has become severer the past decades.  They are barely decomposed so they block light penetration into water, deterring photosynthesis of plants and reducingoxygen supply.  Consequently, rivers lose their self-purification ability.  Not only do they pollute the environment, but chemical detergents also come back to us in the form of food, injuring our health.








Statistics show that a person uses about 10Kg of detergents every year.  This is equivalent to 40Kg a year for a family of 4 and 120kg for 3 years.  On the other hand, 1THE WASHBALL can be used for at least 3 years, about 1,000 loads.  Therefore a family can save a considerable amount of money if they use 1THE WASHBALL.





antibacterial effect Antibacterial effect 


A washer tub is frequently exposed to water.  Tpropagate.  Fungi and bacteria remain in the garment even after washing and become culprits of secondary pollution.  Antibacterial ceramic balls in 1THE WASHBALL effectively deter fungal and bacterial propagation and inhibit bacteria and fungi to grow on gargments and in the washer tub.





energy saving Energy saving 


It takes a lot of rinsing cycles to completely remove detergent residues on clothes.  1THE WASHBALL can save your water, electricity and time needed to wash and rinse clothes significantly.